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September 9th, 2010, 06:48 AM
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Well woke up this morning to a rise in temp but I dont know if i should get excited bout this. I remember last year when i decided to stop tempin it was cuz one month my temp didnt make it past the coverline it was actually in the 98 degrees and i was gettin excited cuz i never got to the 98's late in my lp and then af started. usually my temp goes 3 days of dippin the the last day b4 af it goes under the coverline and bam af but i had got 98's for 3 days str8! i was frustrated and just gave up on tempin but 2day my temp was in the 98's i dont know if it was cuz i woke up feeling hot i asked Dh was he hot he says no its freezin in here but my body was hot so i am guessin thats y i got the high temp. i w8ed bout an hour just layin there to cool off wit no covers and when i felt cooled down i retemped and it was just .8 diffrence so i dont know what to make of it. Usually when af shows all the pms i was feelin disappears. i was layin there tryin to c if my breast pain had stopped and i didnt feel anything so i was like yea it comin and when i got up out of bed i felt the soreness in my breasst and i was like um maybe not today. Im def not feeling any cramps but last cycle i didnt feel any cramps AT ALL it hit me by surprise when i saw af. I just remember feeling really nauseas and dizzy bout 30 mins b4 i noticed i was bleeding. Well I started takin royal jelly I ordered my maca root and dong quai root and some more vitex i am very excited to get those in the mails so i can start taking them. I think i am gettin closer and closer to gertting my bfp. Well I am goin back upstairs and lay under the hubby and watch my baby stories. See ya later if any new symptoms accur!

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