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September 10th, 2010, 03:19 AM
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I'm 34 weeks today! I can't believe how quickly time is flying by! Knowing that he could make his grand appearance possibly between 3-8 weeks is insane but totally awesome! I can't wait to meet him!

Anyways...for my MW appt yesterday...all is fine, urine fine, no edema, good low BP....and baby is still breech, which I pretty much thought/knew as a head in your ribs/lungs is very uncomfortable I am sooo breathless all the time. But I'm honestly not worried about his position, i know he's in whatever position for a reason, but we are going to try the natural ways- chiropractor, acupuncture, moxibostion, homeopathics and some exercises to encourage him to flip head down, but if none of this works then we will accept the fact he wants/meant to be breech. A bit worried to try an ECV (read about it here and they give drugs and sometimes epidurals to calm you, which scares me a bit, mainly the epidural part, but my MW says the doc at my hopsital is nice and gentle, so may be trying it around 37w)

My MW here will support us in having a home breech birth. She will have a more experienced MW with breech birth come for support as well. So we will be trying/attempting a homebirth whether he's vertex or breech and praying for the best.

We will only be going to the hospital if he comes before 36 weeks or in case of an emergency transport which will most likely be for a c-section. My MW informed me about hospital vaginal breech births- even though they will "let" you have one if you deny the recommended c-section, they will make you lay on your back, legs in stirrups, with meds and forcep the baby out. And to me that doesn't seem safe or comfortable or something I'd want ot experience. Feel as that would be a very traumatic experience for me, much more than a section, that I'm scared of (never had anesthesia or surgery or stitches, hence what scares me about that, but I feel that a section would be much safer than a so called "natural birth" Not sure how a forced forcep birth with meds can be "natural" seems the opposite to me and highly traumatic) thoughts?

I will definitely be attempting to turn him and be trying for our homebirth either way, as I know I can do it whatever happens, just praying for safe and health and to be able to stay home for his birth

So that's my lil update!

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