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September 10th, 2010, 08:58 AM
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Sorry bout this cycle try4number2... but on to next and yes u should start tempin it really is helpin me this cycle.... Gl with this cycle hope u get your bfp soon

Well woke up this mornin thinkin that my temp would be below the coverline and it was not even close. It wasnt higher but it wasnt close. Also noticed that i have been more emotional this past days. yesterday i kept tellin hubby to stop yelling at me and then felt like i was gone cry. I was watchin tv and started cryin at all the corney scenes. I was talkin to dh and just started cryin he is like y u cryin i was like IDK. I dont know if i should count this as EPS r PMS i want to say af is due today but could be 2moro my cycle is always changin. I tested yesterday at 9dpo and it was neg but i am not surprised i never get a positive that early. Huby cooked hot dogs last night and when i woke up i felt like i hadnt digested them. I woke up to go to the bathroom and as i was sittin on the toilet i started throwing up. felt so much better after that. Well gotta go to the mall and drop hubby off at work. I will be back...

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