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September 10th, 2010, 09:52 AM
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No worries about signed into the wrong account Heather

Thanks! I've been wondering all day if he turned. I haven't felt his head in my ribs....but he pokes his head into my ribs most at night so we'll see. I have an acupuncture appointment tomorrow~

(I know what you mean about the risks of a c-section and it does sound like their "natural breech hospital birth" is setting up for a section, but I think it's more of they really don't know what they are doing as most breech hospital births are c-sections and docs are fully experienced and think they have to get the baby out as fast as we can, even though with breech you really shouldn't be touching/grabbing/pulling baby out....what got me was the story of a death my MW told me that recently happened with the breech forcep birth in the hospital, which worries me a bit...but I know there are many VBAC docs/midwives around and we plan to hopefully wait 3-5 years for baby #3 so hopefully I wouldn't be at risk if a cestion was required for this birth)

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