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September 10th, 2010, 10:51 AM
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Hi Toya yea 18months is a very long time but this is my year i can feel it... Yea tempin can be very time consuming especially when u have small kids. luckly my kids are older and sleep through the night but they wide awake when the sun hits their window. lol.... it was challangin for me as well in the beginning but since hubby has to be up at 6 when he gets up i temp and go right back down til its time to get the kids up for school. Its hard on weekends but i set my alarm and its now to the point where i wake up b4 the alarms. How long have u been ttc r are u actively trying? Well stop by anytime. and thanx for reading
Well just came back from the mall and i just had to stop in motherhood cuz they were having a major sale and we both know motherhood rarely have a sale especially a 9.99 sale. lol i didnt buy anything but the sales clerk was like "when r u due" i looked down at my tummy to see if i was showin r somehting for her to ask me that "the she said u must still be in the first trimester" i just said oh im not preg im lookin for a friend. wow i so wish i could have said a due date. I was lookin through clothes and i started geting dizzy and nauseas so i left and then i started gettin hot flashes. like i said idk if this is eps or pms but i just want af to start cuz i hate the delay and thinkin "maybe" that just makes it worse when af shows. i know i prayed for a longer lp but this is torture. lol. I am eating cereal righ tnow so i am feelin better. I want to get in the bed and take a nap b4 i have to go to work. I guess i will. TTYL

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