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September 10th, 2010, 05:37 PM
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I just wanted to write and to tell all you mommies and mommies to be that I waited my WHOLE life to have my son who was born when I was forty-one. He was perfect until he was vaccinated at fifteen months. I was adamant when I told the pediatrician that my son was NOT to get vaccines containing thimerosal (they will lie and say they took this out, but it is still in the tetanus (DTaP) and in the Hib and all flu shots. The doctor lied to me and gave my son three shots containing this preservative. He also got another vaccinate at the same time. i also asked if it were safe to give multiple vaccines. They said yes. My son regressed immediately into autism. then the pediatrician abandoned us. My son's immune system was damaged. He is almost eleven and has had pneumonia eight times. His body cannot even fight off the bacteria that gets introduced from an insect bite. He will develop cellulitis from every bite site. The damage done to him by vaccines has cost our life savings and then some. You cannot sue the doctors or drug companies. Our government protects THEM! The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is a JOKE! We filed when our son was two and here we are nine years later still waiting. He lost ALL speech though he previously talked. It has taken us YEARS to recover our son. He is better and has regained speech. but on top of everything else, when this happens to a child, then the parent must fight the discrimination that exists in the schools, so now I must home school my son on top of everything.

I waited my whole life for this perfect child. For fifteen months we lived the "American Dream." It was all taken away from us in a matter of minutes.

I never tell parents not to vaccinate. I will never vaccinated my son again unless he is bitten by a rabid animal or I know FOR SURE there is a clear and present danger (like my neighbors are dropping dead from flu). It cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get him back. It only took them a minute to destroy him.

Read DR. Stephanie Cave's book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations" BEFORE you vaccinate.

Those of you trying to get pregnant, educate yourselves BEFORE you get a vaccine while pregnant. Get rid of amalgam fillings in your mouth, and eat REAL food that is organic. Take care of yourselves! Also, from helping my son, I found out that most women are deficient in iodine. Gt your iodine levels checked!
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