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September 10th, 2010, 06:20 PM
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Hi all, I've never posted here before but after posting this in my playroom someone directed me here. Here's the deal:

So, our little man turned 6 months on Tuesday. I feel like there is now no reason to hold back on our ttc journey. I'm 33 and dh and I would love to have 2 to 3 more kids. (We got married only 2 years ago so we are starting off a little late and I feel like that clock is ticking...).

I've been EBF so far and will continue to bf until our little man is at least one, I think. We started solids this week. Tried him on bits of whole sweet potato, but he doesn't seem very interested yet.

So anyhow, my question. I still haven't started AF. Is there anything I can be doing to get her back sooner (aside from weaning before 1)? I read somewhere that once they start sleeping more than 6 hours straight your chances go up. He was doing that, but lately he's been only averaging about 4 before waking up.

I'm wondering too, if I did purees instead of the baby led weaning thing, if it might help him get more full and therefore reduce the number of feedings somewhat and therefore increase my chances of starting to ovulate again. Dunno.

So just wondering if anyone has any advice. And also wanted to ask for praying mamas to begin praying that God would help us have another sooner rather than later. We'd both love a large family, but I worry about all the risks for babies that increase as I get closer to/over 35.

Thanks y'all!
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