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September 10th, 2010, 11:55 PM
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Ruby -gemstone with long history of usage as a name
Scarlett - from the name of an expensive cloth, as well as a color, with a long history of use as a name.
Amber- from the name for the hardened sap as well as a color (I do think it's only recently been used as a name though)
Coral - greek, from the name of the beautiful formations at the bottom of the ocean, as well as a color, long history as a name.
Crystal - gemstone (however only used as a name recently)
Blue- just a color. How many colors that are 'just' colors have traditional usage as a name? I can't actually think of any. All the others are also flowers, gemstones, etc. which is how we got the name for the color. Not vice versa.

I do think there is a difference. I don't like blue as a name, especially since it's a synonym for sad or gloomy. Eyeore's middle name might be Blue. Anyway, I don't like Amber or Crystal either since they have a dated/ almost trashy sort of feel these days, sbecause they were once so trendy. They didn't have a prior history of use.

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