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September 11th, 2010, 10:01 PM
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well 2day I am 11dpo and NO AF i dont know if i should be excited r scared. I mean I am excited that af hasnt showed her face 2day cuz 1 that means my lp is longer 2 I might be preg . Either way I would be excited cuz they both lead to wonderful things. I took a test 2day and it was so that is 3 in a row. With my last preg I got a very faint line i mean so faint that I wasnt sure it was there. u had to turn it at a certain angle to c if it was there and i didnt get a clear bfp until 12dpo but I am not testin 2moro if af doesnt show by monday i will test then. but i am sure it will. My temp didnt drop which is y i tested. it was actually the same as yesterday. Today i had some nausea but not like the pass few days. Breast hurt but not as much as the pass days and i have some major bachache. Yesterday I wasnt feelin well at all. I felt like i was goin to pass out it was awful. I thought my sugar might be low but then my head started hurtin and i started +seein spots and i remember the last time i saw spots I was preg. I decided to take my blood pressure to c if it was high cuz i always get high blood pressure when i am preg. i checked it and it was 146/96 i ate some candy and started feelin better checked it again and it was 137/89 and the next time it was 132/80 so it was gradually goin down. I dont know if that is a indicator that i am preg or maybe that i am developin High bloodpressure. I should have checked it 2day to see but i was so bussy didnt have time. I am prayin that my period doesnt show 2moro so that will be 12dpo. YAY... Well it was nice spillin to u thanx for listenin now i am goin to c whats goin on with my JM peeps. TTYL

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