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September 11th, 2010, 10:23 PM
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Thought this might be fun/interesting! If you were to "re-name" all of your friend's kids and/or some of your family sib-sets, using the same first initial and a similar-ish sounding name...what would they be?

Examples: Here are some of my friend's/family's sets and my "re-names."

Original Names - Renames

William - Wilem
Benjamin - Benton
Ava - Ayla

Kaitlynn - Kadence
Trenton - Tristan
Jadyn - Jade
Peyton - Paisley

Cade - Cason
Chandler - Chase
Bella - Baya

Eileen - Eisley
Dennis - Deighton
Patricia - Parisa
William - Wilco

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