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June 26th, 2006, 08:11 PM
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A funny thing happened to me with work. After the first mc, I wanted to quit, and I almost did. This time, I'm finding that I actually want to work again. Who knows, maybe I'm avoiding things, but part of me wants to be that motivated, hard worker I was before my first mc, and not the sluggish, irritable sad sack that I became after it. Having said that, I did just change positions in my company, because I really did want to quit the job I had. I was also looking outside the company a bit before that, and I haven't ruled out doing it again if things don't work out in the new job.
I know what you mean about the depression. After both mcs, I have found my attention wandering back to all the painkillers I could take to just zone out (I get migraines, so I have no shortage of them). It takes all my willpower to not just self medicate my way into feeling better.
Good luck!

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