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September 11th, 2010, 11:38 PM
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Hi ladies! I'm from the NovDDC - I'm currently 31wks preggo with my 5th child. Never had a home birth (and nor do I plan to) however, would like to make sure I am prepared in case this one has other plans. I have very fast labors (last one was 1hr 15mins from first contraction to the birth) and I am now further from my local hospital than I was before. Hubby is 45mins-1hr away and I have four other children at home.

In the event my labor is too quick to get to the hospital for whatever reason, I would like to prepare for a homebirth if necessary. Can you please shed some light on the basics of what I should have on hand? I plan on birthing in my master bedroom bathroom, if so. We have a huge tub and open/tile floor area that would work well.

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