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September 12th, 2010, 01:33 AM
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I haven't been temping the last few days but I have been taking OPK's and they are all negative. I know people say that you can't rely too much on OPK's with PCOS, but I talked to my OBGYN today on the phone, since I don't have insurance to go see him in person and he said that since I am bleeding off and on and don't really have much to go on, he thinks it would benefit me to do them but to be aware of them. I have only had one positive OPK result about 20 days ago and BD-ed over the next few days. This time I am hoping to temp along with testing and see if I can see a correlation. My OBGYN is a PCOS specialist. Besides some women can't depend on them but some women can. Hopefully I am one of the women who can. We'll see.

I have been feeling moody and irritable today and not sure why. I wanted to cry a couple of times. Maybe my depression is acting up.

I felt in the mood a few days ago and fixed my DH a nice meal out of the blue and got intimate. So if I am ovulating and the OPK test didn't detect it... we still BDed. I mention this incident only because it is not normal for me to want to do anything. Due to my health and medicines, my sex drive is almost nothing. my poor husband is very patient with me because he knows how I am. It takes him several tries to get me to come around to even begin to want to do something. It isn't him by any means.. I find him attractive... but I have always been low in my sex drive and my medications don't help me much.

I feel so guilty about turning him down as many times as I do. Or I try to help him out but a lot of times it just doesn't do anything for me. Nothing does. I have noticed though that if he meets my emotional needs, like makes me dinner or sets special plans for us.. or even shows me love throughout the day... I find that I am more likely to be in the mood, so DH tries to do this for me. He is so understanding.

Like I said, I feel so guilty every time I say no to him that I almost cry at times. He deserves a woman who can meet his needs and take care of him. Don't get me wrong, our marriage is good for the most part, it just has issues in the sex department, which can create a big problem.
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