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September 12th, 2010, 01:43 AM
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Another issue I deal with daily is my depression. Well, maybe not daily... but often. If I miss even one dose of my depression medicine, I feel it the next day. So does my husband. This is another reason I feel guilty. If I feel irritable or moody, he gets the most of it. For some reason, I don't get moody or irritable with my mom, only DH.

He has been so understanding with me and doesn't get mad back. He says he knows it isn't me that is moody toward him. But that doesn't help my guilt. There are a lot of times I want to be left alone and I read or come online or watch TV. Sometimes I would rather do this than spend time with DH. I said that wrong. I'd rather do that than do anything else. I love my DH. He is so special to me and I feel lucky to have him as my husband. I do tell him that.

I have found that I live with a lot of guilt, mostly over DH. Whether it is from irritability or whatever, I often apologize to DH. He has a tendency to say nothing is wrong but I wonder if he is just saying that to make me feel better or if I perceived my mood differently than what it really was. I do that with my mom too. I always feel guilty but I'm not sure what for so I will apologize to her and she won't know what I said sorry for. Is this normal for women with PCOS or depression?

I go to counseling to help me with this and it has helped me a lot, but I still go through it, though not as much as before. DH and I are getting closer emotionally and it has helped my moodiness to calm down. Luckily, he was at work today and didn't get the worse of my irritability today, neither did my mom. I mainly kept to myself to avoid being mean to those I love.
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