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September 12th, 2010, 06:10 PM
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Hi ladies,

I haven't been around the board much in the last 5 weeks or so, basically since my Lap, as I went back on BCP so we weren't ttc. But I stopped the BCP and got AF over the weekend, so I am back in the game, although this cycle we are going "natural" (no MA). I am going to see my RE this week for my post lap check up, and to discuss a plan of action.
For those of you who don't remember me (or are new on this board), I was officially diagnosed with stage 3 endo, but all of it was removed, which is of course excellent. And at the time of the lap, the RE said there was a good chance we could get preg on our own now. But I know he doesn't want to wait too long as endo can creep back very quickly, so he's going to push for IVF...
Oh well, I guess we'll see on wednesday when we talk to him...

I'm glad to be back though!! I will try and catch up with all that's been going on...
Me - 27 DH - 33

Aug 07 - started TTC
Nov 07 - BFP, Dec 07 - M/c at 5w 4d
May 08 - BFP . Cyst on left ovary, June 08 - M/c at 7w 4d.
Dec 08 - Laparoscopy to remove cyst. Very mild endo dx.
Dec 08-Mar 09 - BCP
Mar 09 - start ttc again
Jan 10 - First RE app. All b/w and SA are very good
Mar-Jun 10 - 4x TI cycles with Pregnyl/Ovidrell trigger - BFN
Jul 10 - MA Brk
Aug 10 - Lap/Hyste/Dye - Endo removed, all else clear, BCP for 6wks.
Nov 10 - IVF #1
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