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September 12th, 2010, 09:27 PM
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The other ladies have already given a lot of good advice!

To answer your question about the delivery of the placenta- If possible (as in, it's not worth slipping and falling, or stressing over if it happens too fast), I'd recommend getting out of the tub before you deliver it. I say this because, it can be hard to monitor how much you are bleeding while still in the water. (Some midwives will allow you to deliver it while still in the tub, and others ask you to get out first. It's just a matter of what they're comfortable with, but being unassisted and not having the experience, I think you're better off out of the tub.)

As to what you should have on hand, you might consider purchasing an emergency birth kit, just to be safe! Without spending a lot of money, it would insure you have the essentials (whether at home, or in the car on your way to the hospital!). Here's a link to the company I ordered my birth kit from- Emergency Birth Kit

Hope this helps!

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