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September 12th, 2010, 09:54 PM
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Hey Toya wow 22 months did u know y it took that long? I have a hormonal imbalance but just dont know which hormone is out of whack so am self medicatin all of them and hope they get it back 2gether. I tried to get my ob to test them but he act like its soooo hard to order these test. and if i go to a specialist he wants me to pay 800 dollars. So I am just like F it im gone do it on my own. I know i have a luteal phase defect it last from 7 to 10 days but 2day it last 11 YAY!!! I am so happy bout that so the herbs i am takin must be working. i added some new ones to the mix so I have faith that i will get my bfp by the end of the year. they say it takes up to 3 months for it to take effect. so cross ya fingers toes eyes legs (well maybe not legs i know u ttcing) anything else u can cross cuz i am gone have me a summer baby!!!! I wish u luck on your future test and hope it wont take as long either and i know what u talkin bout girl i cant w8 to have the belly!!!

Well Af showed her ugly face this morning. I am not sad bout it though I am just glad that i got a longer lp by a day. hopefully next month i can get a nother day. I knew it was goin to come 2day cuz my temp was below the cover line so i was expectin it. Cramps r not so good. last cycle i didnt cramp but i sure am now. Well 2moro i start my fertitly diet. Cant w8! I bought my maca root and my dong quai and evening prmrose so yay me!!!! I call the dr 2moro for my clomid gone take them 5 through 9 and my soy 1 through 5 maca root, b50, b6, vitex omega 369 and prenatal everyday and dong quai and evening primrose af through o. Wish me luck ladies! well goin get in the shower my body is soooo achin and in the bed TTYL

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