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June 26th, 2006, 10:13 PM
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Thank you. I talked to his father and he told me "If he's going to call that man your married to daddy, then either he calls my girl mommy, or I just won't see him!"


I pointed out to him that he;s onld enough to choose who gets what title. And that he might want to think about whats best for DS, not what's 'best' for himself. We'll see what happens with that.[/b]

I will never for life of me understand why people put thier kids in the middle. And why would he say He wouldn't see his child. What an a**!!! I can tell you that if my dh had done that with my step kids I would have had no respect for him.

I also did not meet the kids until I knew that There was something really special between myself and thier dad. I just think sometimes the kids get in the middle of all of our crap and we forget or just don;t care that we are having a negative impact on them. Even at 4 your child deserves his fathers respect and by all means if dad doesn't want to see him then something is wrong with him and it might just be best.

Okay sorry I vented out so hard I just hate to see kids hurt.
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