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June 26th, 2006, 11:33 PM
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This is my first time posting on this board but I have been active on the pregnancy after loss board. I honestly felt better having everything monitored closely by my Dr. Sure it was disappointing to go in and have a u/s and find no signs of life, but it eliminated the uncertainty of "is it okay or not". My Dr. took very good care of me during my pregnancies and I think he was just as upset by each m/c as my DH and I were. On the same note, he was so happy when he delivered our baby two weeks ago that he cried with us.

Just a little history on me, I had 6 m/c in a row. My first pregnancy resulted in a premature baby, my 17 year old DS Brandon. Then over the next 16 years I suffered one m/c after another. I took all the tests and basically couldn't really find any reason for the m/c after all I DID have a child so I should be able to have another. Fortunately the Dr. didn't give up on us and we didn't give up on our baby because June 9, 2006 we had our 2nd son.

I do agree that if it's going to happen then it's going to happen and basically there is nothing you can do about it, but I personally like to know what is going on inside of me and just maybe the Dr. can save me. On the other hand I understand the disappointment of doing everything you're supposed to and still losing the baby. It makes me feel like I DID SOMETHING wrong.[/b]
Vegas mom,
thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I have had 4 losses and no living children...some days I get so sad and hopeless...i never want to give up but at the same time the road feels so long, so hard, so catastrophic even...thank you for givn gme hope. Congratulatiosn on your son. I am so happy to hear you have your baby safe in your arms right now...I pray to join you in that "club" someday soon.
Continual blessing to you and yours,
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