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September 13th, 2010, 10:20 AM
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Toya: Yea Vitex is chasteberry its very good for tyrin to balance out your hormones. So is dong quai and it also helps with irregular periods. and good egg quality. You should try it. I got mine at GNC the dong quai was 9 dollars and the vitex was 8 dollars so its very inexpensive. I heard gr8 reviews bout maca root so i wanted to try that also. and the soy is like a natural clomid without the chemicals ya know. Yea it is hard keepin track in the beginnin with all these pills but its been over a month so i am pretty use to it. I am on a set schedule. My body start feelin it when i miss a dose. Dont give up hope toya when its your time it will come whether its next month r next year but takin some sort of vitamin wont hurt at least take your prenatal since u r ttc. Gl KMP

Trying4number2: Hi thanx for stoppin by!!!!

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