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September 14th, 2010, 01:07 PM
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For the larger families out there, do you recycle the costumes?

We have a lot of kids, and not a lot of $ so I tend to have the little kids wear the same costumes that their older brothers wore before hand. I wish I could buy them all new costumes but I just can't afford to do that. In a perfect world I would but I just can't.

I do get a little annoyed b/c my DSS gets what ever he wants, new this & that, new everything, and comes to our house & brags about it. Which is 100% unfair to our muffins. It's rude actually. He does no chores at his mother's house & gets everything. Meanwhile, my kids do chores & work hard & don't get spoiled like that. I think they feel resentful of their big/step/half-brother, in fact, I get annoyed & DH says that it's not his fault & he can't help it. Which I know, but he COULD have a talk w/ his DS about how it's not nice to BRAG about all the stuff he gets in front of the little ones. It's just not a nice thing to do in general. Kids don't like show-offs & that's what he does. It's pretty rude & my boys are envious of him when he does that. They don't understand why their big-bro can have it all, but they can't. Sometimes I feel like asking his mother "do you care that he has ZERO healthy boundaries?" he doesn't & she doesn't.

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