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September 14th, 2010, 02:24 PM
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Ok so we have had our boy name picked out, but are not having any luck with girl names... We wanted to have our LO named before we knew the gender but the U/S is tomorrow!!! here is what we have...Any thoughts on the names or new suggestions would be SOOO appreciated!

BraeLee JoAnn
*I am not sure if you remember me posting this but this is a 100% family name. My middle sisters name is Brittany Rae (Brae) DHs middle sisters middle name is Lee and so is his and my grandmothers. My mother and youngest sisters middle name is Jo and DHs mother and youngest sisters middle name is BraeLee JoAnn

RaeLee JoAnn
*DH wants to stick to just middle names but I think it sounds too masculine. Idk...

Allyson Claire

Jillian Claire

Help us! haha Oh last name is Bell so alot of the names like Isabel etc...wont work.

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