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September 14th, 2010, 05:05 PM
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Work started off normal...then I got a puker.

Okay!!! I can handle this!

The kids decided to push me today...okay, again, I can handle this...just not as quickly...ugh, I need to sit, and I can't walk around the room anymore...eventually they kind of took over.

I'm supposed to have a parapro in my room for 75 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. She came today...45 minutes late...and stayed for 5 minutes.

I didn't pee for HOURS. I was dying and hurting and in pain and bending over to tie shoelaces and chasing kids who won't sit...NOT OKAY right now.

I had lunch and that was a good thing. Yesterday I didn't have a break and they tried to take my lunch from me. Tomorrow, I don't have a break and I HOPE to get a lunch. Would be nice. I also hope to pee more than once.

At the end of the day, two of my kids freaked out...I was trying to wrangle in the other phone starts ringing off the hook...I didn't answer. The office staff came up to my room to tell me my son's school was on the phone...he missed his bus. (Middle school is not going well, he can't get it together, he is a hot mess.) I have two screaming kids, 18 normal ones, the bell rang, and I am to IMMEDIATELY call the middle school.

I go to the phone (followed by "But the bell rang, can't we leave?" and two screaming kids who don't want to be on the yellow circle...yet can't follow a direction to save their life and now I can't help...) and called the principal at the middle school. They needed arrangements made NOW for someone to get my kid. I quickly said "Call my mom and I'll call you back in TWO MINUTES to make sure she's coming!" and I let the 18 ready kids go. I tried to help the two screamers pack up...and they ran down the hallway before I could catch them. (They're REALLY lost and they might have gone to play in the parking lot, I have no idea...but physically I CAN NOT GET THEM...yesterday one of them headbutted me in the stomach, that was sweet.)

I called the school...they said my mom was getting him.

I call her, she is freaking out, she has to work tonight for my dad and my she can get him but she can't keep him and she cant bring him to the sitters because she doesn't know where the sitter lives. Well, it's like 4 doors away so I tell her to calm down...but she can't find it and my son doesn't know where it is, either, even though YOU CAN SEE IT FROM OUR HOUSE.

Just then I get called into a mandatory meeting that was happening RIGHT THERE so I tell mom to look, I call the sitter on the way to the meeting and tell her to stand outside and wave her arms...and I head into one meeting, that turns into TWO, next thing I know I'm late to get the kids...and my cell won't work so I can't get hold of DH...

and the night goes on...I get home and do hours of homework with the kids that they lie about "we don't have homework" and I find it...they are going with dad this weekend, which means they won't do ANY homework and at 7 pm Sunday night I'll be pulling an all nighter to do 6th grade AP math and then work the next day...again with no break, and no parapro...

I should have totally gone into labor after the day I've had. Not even a contraction to speak of...tomorrow I go to the OB and I'm willing to bet money I'm not any more dialated and any more effaced.

BUT...since I'm still a week away from my due date, I'm not going to ask for a plan until NEXT time.

I think I'll just hang in here until my next appointment.

It's just easier when not getting ready to have a baby!!!
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