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September 14th, 2010, 07:41 PM
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Hi there I am not preggo but would like ideas for future daughters. I am planning on using Sophia for my first daughters first name, unless I can convince my future husband to use Aphrodite. I do not think thats going to happen lol so I would like ideas for her. I'm adopted Greek, not actually Greek. Also I would like to use names after our moms which would be Tara and Suzanne, not sure on Tara with the last name tho. Any ideas on honoring both moms? Thanks this isnt urgent just want to prepare incase it does happen. Thank you

P.S. Timm is the last name and Tara Suzanne could also be a sibling name as well. Brothers names will be Conrad Michael Timm and Jaeger William Timm. Both Family names. Again thank you and sorry I am so long winded.
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