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September 14th, 2010, 10:01 PM
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Well 2day was an ok day didnt do much just slept and then worked. I had a major headache when i went in 2day i know its the soy. Its the only time i really get headaches. Got my prescription for clomid yesterday. I will start that on cd 5. I was gone start 2day but decided against it. Hubby surprised me at work 2day by stoppin by with the kids. I so love that man he saw i wasnt feelin well and wanted to to take a sick day. I was goin to but they said they needed me so i stayed. I came on 2nite and see all the BFP's oh my. I cant w8 til its my turn! I c all the babies and all the bellies and just get this feelin inside. I cant w8 til i share my news with JM. Well off to shower and take a bath. TTYL

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