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September 15th, 2010, 10:11 AM
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DSS had a "heart-to-heart" w/ me last weekend as we watched television. He told me some stuff, stuff that only he'd know if his mother told him. Stuff that he shouldn't be told at all. Basically, bio-mom, DH's ex-wive, has decided to tell her son (my DSS) everything about their marriage (the reason it went South), everything, down to money woes, you name it.

Do I say something to my DH? I just can't believe that bio-mom would be so immature (well I can but I'm just sad), it's not okay & I feel bad for my DH, he does a lot for his DS, and loves him dearly, the mistakes my DH made w/ his ex-wife shouldn't be brought up to his son. How would she (bio-mom) like it if her son found out about some of the stuff she did before he was born?

What would you do? Would you let it go or would you say something to your DH? I'd want to know, then again, in my situation, I don't have that happening. My ex is an ex for a reason, but I don't sit there & discuss why he's not my favorite person to my DS, that's not the best way to handle things. He's still my DS' father.

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