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September 15th, 2010, 12:21 PM
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We're on the opposite end. My kids are spoiled & do no chores - because I believe school is their job & the rest they should be kids. I sacrifice my own things - buy clothes 2nd hand, dye my own hair, drive a 7 year old van etc to buy my kids as much of what they want as I can. I also have always worked full-time.

Dh's ex is the opposite. She spends $100 every 2-3 weeks on her nails, takes vacations without the kids, etc. It's all about her. She didn't work until her kids were 10 & 14 and then it was only part-time. Her kids don't get as much as mine. She also put a lot of chores on them etc.

Just as I don't expect her to change the way she parents, I won't change the way I parent. They are my kids and if I want to be an overindulgent mom then I will. I was that way before I had stepkids & I'm not changing it.

I know that there are issue with that with the oldest. But I can't help that. I will not make my kids go without because her mother does. I feel bad for them but I'm still the kind of parent I am.

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