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September 16th, 2010, 07:53 AM
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Is it your first time requesting a siggy, or are you just not sure what to do?
Well, let me give you a little advice and a few tips on what you need to know before actually putting in that request.

1. Before doing anything please make sure you read over the Guidelines for Requesting a Siggy.
2. If you are requesting from a specific maker make sure you read the very first post in their request thread to see if they have any additional guidelines.
3. Do not put in an FFA (request posted on main board - any siggy maker can do), a request to a specific maker, and/or a PM request at the same time.
4. If you really want a specific picture used please say so. Don't list four pictures and say you can use any, then complain because the maker didn't use your favorite one.
5. Be specific!! If you put in an FFA and are vague or don't give any specifics on color or theme, the finished siggy will not be changed.

Requesting that siggy...
1. First you're going to upload your pictures to a site like Photobucket. It is a free site that will allow you to upload your pictures and get the codes to use them on websites. Once you sign up for an account click the large "Upload Images and Videos" button. Go to the file on your computer where your picture is and then select the picture(s). Once the upload is done it will take you to a page with a small thumbnail version of your picture and allow you to add a title or tags to it. You do not have to if you don't want to. Actually adding them will make it easier for others to find your pictures when searching the site for pictures to use and you may end up with someone stealing your images. Click save and then it will return you to a screen that shows the thumbnails of your pictures and under the pictures you will see some rectangle boxes with codes in them.
2. Open a new tab or window with Siggies R Us in it. Click "Create New Topic" for an FFA (or go to the Requests for Specific Makers subforum and just add a reply to the maker's request thread that you want.) Add a title to your topic (if FFA) saying the kind of request you want. (ie. "Pregnancy Request" "Need New Baby Siggy" "Fall Siggy" "Brothers Siggy" etc). Then add any info and specifics that you would like.
3. Now go back over to Photobucket and look under the images you want. Look for the code under the picture that is listed as "IMG Code." Click the code. It should copy the code automatically, but sometimes it doesn't, so once the code is highlighted push the CTRL button and C button on your keyboard at the same time. (MAC users command not CTRL)
4. Come back to your request and right click in your message area and select paste. Your image code should now be in your request.

You can add as many pictures as you like, just make sure you specify which you prefer are used. Also, if you post pictures of more than one child be sure you tell which child is which.

When your siggy is finished...
1. A maker will respond to your request to say they are working on it, then they will edit (not re-respond) saying that it is posted.
2. When you are told that your siggy is posted go look in the Siggy Pick Up subforum and look for a topic with your name and that's where your siggy will be.
3. After you thank the person who made your siggy, right click the siggy and select "Save Image As" (or something to that effect) then save your siggy somewhere on your computer.
4. Go back to Photobucket and upload your siggy to your Photobucket account.
5. Come back to JM, (in the message boards) look under the green JustMommies Message Boards words and you should see a row of words in pink. (Home, User CP, FAQ, Community, etc) Click on the User CP.
6. Look on the left side and there should be a thin column that says "Your Control Panel" scroll down to Settings and Options, then click "Edit Signature."
7. Select your IMG Code of your siggy from photobucket and copy and paste it into the "Edit Signature" area.
8. Click Save and you're done!!!

You don't have to (for FFAs, some specific requests do ask that you do) but it is always nice to type in under your signature something along the lines of "Thanks ---------- for my siggy!"

I hope all of this helps and if you have anymore questions please PM *Sharon* or peimum (gwyn)

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