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September 16th, 2010, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Daisyfields View Post
ITA, why else would she be so candid to her son knowing that he's speak like a canary? She has to know that this would somehow come back to us. Either way, the part that puts a thorn in my side is getting a child in the middle of an issue. That's wrong. If she is upset, angry, jealous, what ever her issues are, you don't use a child to get a point across. The kid now has to hear about how his father did a certain thing when he was a child, to me, that's just slandering him as a dad, even if it was true at the time, it's not who he is, today, and it's certainly not affecting his parenting style now.
You're right. It's wrong. Terribly wrong of her. Bad parenting. It's really neither here nor there, though. You are not going to change her by getting worked up and getting DH worked up and yelling or even talking to her about it. Show your DSS that's not who his dad is by his actions now, kwim? It just will get you no where except more frustrated if you discuss it with her.
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