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September 16th, 2010, 02:31 PM
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Hi Toya and Mahogany yes I do believe we will be next showin off our bfp's! Sorry have been MIA I was off these last two days and just been loungin around the house being lazy. lol... plus my mouse is actin crazy so i get a lil tense when i come on. I keep 4gettin to get another one when i am at the store. Then on top t of that I was watching my neice and she just like all the attention dont like when i get on. Well 2day is cd 5 start my clomid 2day. Dont know if i am excited r not bout that. I had a dream i had triplets the other night and it was CRAZY. Lol i dont know what i would do if i had multiples. the dr said its a 4% chance of twins and a 1% chance of trplets on clomid so i know my chances r low but a lady on here is preg with triplets form her 2nd month on clomid and that scares me. I would go crazy with 3 of them. I know i would!!!!! I come on to JM and another explosion of bfp's WOW people really was gettin busy this summer!!! Im so happy for them especially when i hear they been tryin for over a year gives me hope. Our turn r coming ladies u just w8 and c. wouldnt it be nice if we get our bfp's the same month! i would so love to be DD buddies with Toya and Mahogany!!! Well gotta go kids bout to get off the bus. KMP ladies and thanx for readin my journy

Ok call me crazy but I just paid for a prediction from brooke777. She is goin to get back to me in 7-12 days so I am very curious to what she has to say. My last prediction by cheri22 she said Nov and girl so i am wonderin if brooke goin to say the same thing. I have talked to so many psychics and they all say end of the year and girl but the last one i talked to said boy so I am starting to wonder. Whatever she say i wont get my hopes up til it happens and if they r right I will pass on the word. Until then

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