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September 16th, 2010, 03:18 PM
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With all the complaining we do about Ex's and SC. Lets say something nice that they have done for us.

DSD a couple of weeks ago overheard me on the phone with my mom. My mom was calling me to let me know my grandmother was in the hospital and that she ould not be able to pick up my daughter the next day for me. I was left with out a babysitter for the day. She came to me while I was chatting with SO about it and, she said she would stay home and Watch S for me while I went to work. That was very sweet of her.

My ex is very flexible with the custody agreement with S. We can always change things up if I or he wants to do something special with her.

SO's ex voluntered to let the dogs out one day when we went on a beach trip for the day.
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