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September 17th, 2010, 10:28 AM
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well let me start out by saying that my 2 1/2 year old son Nathan was very excited for his brother to come , he would constantly ask me if I was ready and three weeks before my son was born he told
me he would come in "three Sundays" we thought it was cute, but told him his brother was going
to come on a thursday, as I had a set induction date for 9 days before
my due date. Cam was supposed to arrive on the 9th. Nathan insisted on Sunday

On Saturday the 4th I woke up my son and got
together with cale and my mom for a day at our county fair. I was excited. This would be the last weekend with just nathan an the fair had him really excited. I made sure to pack tons
of ice water as it was a hot day and we started our day. Not thirty minutes into seeing the animals and petting them I started having bad cramps on my bac and lower stomache, i attributed it to the walking and heat and maybe thought I had some gas pains. So we sat down to eat navajo tacos. After that we went onto see more animals and the vendors area. I had
to stop once or twice And then a contraction
brought me to tears, cale and my mom were worried, but I had payed a lot to get into this fair and I was gonna let my son see everything he wanted!! I'm stubborn he went on a pony ride and we walked toward the amusement area. Cale stopped at a mechanical bull and decided to try it. By the end of his rides I was gripping a pole and in tears again. My mom and cale decided it was time to go. Which ended up being a good call because my contactions were two minutes apart and it took awhile to get to the car. I wasn't able to sit down in the car, I rode home facing the seat. I thought cale was going to lose it. My mom was blaming the Navajo taco for the sudden onset of labor. I grabbed the hospital bag then decided to lay down and drink even more water to see if it was false labor. Didn't work, so off the the hospital we went.

When we got there I was checked and a 3 . I was told to walk for an hour. We walked the parking garage and when I cam back I was a 3 still and they were going
to send me home. My contractions were killer, she came back with the discharge papers and decided to let me walk another hour, we walked and did stairs, checked again at a 4 and admitted finally around 6pm. Over the course of a few hours after starting my iv for antibiotics, my labor stalled, I walked and walked And did my birthing ball. I was still contracting but not dialating. I wAs given stadol to sleep. Cale and my mom got some sleep too. In the morning I woke up to my man nurse hanging a bag of pitocin. Explaining they would turn it up every half hour. A friend brought me coffee and by noon I was check since my pitocin was turned up to 15 , 30 being the max. No progress, I wanted to cry , I was exhausted. They found out baby was "sunny side up" and unable to place proper pressure on my cervix to dialate it. They decided to break my water and omg!! I have never seen that much amniotic fluid, and neither had they! By 4:30 my doc came in, I was still a 4 bordering on 5 and my pitocin was at 30. He was frustrated and decided while checking me to have me push alittle, it brought me right to and 8. He told me I had 30 mins to be to a 10, he had dinner plans at 6, not sure if he was serious or joking, exactly half and hour later he came in an set up, I was a ten, cale was about to lose it I pushed three times and he was out! I didn't have any energy for more pushes, the 28 hours of labor had me exhausted! Cameron was born at 5:05pm at 6lbs 11oz and 18 1/2 in he was perfect!! Cale cried, I cried, and so did my mom. I had a very rough recovery from the rapid delivery, and the long labor but it was well worth it!! And my son was right. He was born on the date my son predicted for so long!!! Crazy huh

Sorry this was so long, and please excuse any errors, I am posting from my I phone

thanks for all your support ladies, it has def been a journey!!

Thank you Ameriguat for my beautiful Siggy!

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