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September 17th, 2010, 03:35 PM
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The earlier the better! You are not crazy. I am a huge advocate of early potty training. It is the diaper business that has taught us to start at 2 years old. This is purely profit motivated. This has caused a huge problem for many many mom's. It is so much more difficult to train starting at this age. They are not nearly as eager to please and many mom's run into something called 'stool refusal' where they refuse to poop on the potty.

If you read some of the old posts here, you will see many many examples of 3 and 4 year olds who refuse to go on the potty. If 'readiness' was the answer, you would surely think kids of this age would be 'ready'? But apparently, they are not. Many parents are running into a pressure situation because their child won't be accepted to preschool and kindergarden if they are not potty trained. This is a whole lot of needless stress.

If you look back in history, 90% of the children in 1950 in the US were toilet trained by the age of 18 months. If you look worldwide, you'll find that in many traditional cultures, children are potty trained by age 1.

However, thanks to the diaper industry, they have managed to change a whole society's perception of potty training.

It does not need to be a pressure thing. It is no different than teaching your child to feed him/herself or teaching him/her how to brush their teeth. It is just another skill that needs to be taught.

My one year old loves it and claps and gets happy every time he goes. It is really adorable. It is so much more pleasant, in my opinion, than training a 2 year old that can talk back.

It really is not any more time consuming either. Cole pees almost instantly when we put him on. That takes less time than changing a diaper.

Here are a couple of interesting articles:

Matt Metzgar: The Great Diaper Scam
The timing of toilet training: What the scientific studies say

If anyone wants some tips on how to get started, post or pm me and I can list.

Or if you find some of my posts below, I explained how I did it with my son starting at 9.5 months.

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