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September 17th, 2010, 10:08 PM
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Well 2day was an ok day been really gassy since yesterday. I went to bed last nite stomach was in knots. I was suppose to temp this morning but i totally 4got to. I am goin to try to remember this time. I was at work 2day and kept passin gas. I was talkin to co workers and just letting them go over and over again. I am so glad they didnt smell. Im suprise she didnt hear them cuz i did and they was loud. I couldnt help it. i would laugh and then it would come out i would be talkin and htey just come on out. I dont know if its a side effect from the pills i am takin but pee u.... lol... I took my 2nd clomid pill 2day. Im wonderin what its goin to do this time around. Prob nothing like last time. Ugh so tired. I am goin to take shower and go to bed. TTYL

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