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September 17th, 2010, 10:26 PM
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This is Ella. She was born 14 weeks early, and as a result she was on a ventilator for 59 days. She spent 16 weeks in the NICU at Dartmouth, and is now home on oxygen therapy. The prognosis is pretty good, so long as we can make it through this next cold, flu and RSV season. Pneumonia nearly killed her this past spring.

She has chronic lung disease and has scar tissue across 25-30% of her lung tissue. She may grow out of it, or she may never heal. She might be 100% healed, or she might be on oxygen until she is 4. And due to the frequency of her desaturations, it's very likely that she will end up with some degree of cerebral palsy.

She is about 7 months now (16 weeks corrected) and her personality is really starting to show itself. She is happy, and a chatterbox, as long as she doesn't get too tired. She doesn't cry very much bc it's tough for her to sustain. She gets her point across and is just mad afterward.
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