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September 18th, 2010, 12:14 AM
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That is about when we started my son, and also about how far along I was in my pregnancy... hah! It seemed like it would be super daunting for me but really it hasn't been so bad. My husband is super supportive and does great helping with it too which is really nice. I honesty don't think it is too early to start now. People give children such little credit for what they are truly capable of to be honest... My son was showing no interest or "signs of readiness" when we started him and he has done so well with it! Potty training this young is definitely a totally different ball game from an older child though I think. I see it as a much easier process and much less of a battle of wills, and more of actual teaching of a skill and them being able to do something they can be really proud of.

Links I have found helpful...

Potty Training Raising Rocco We followed a very similar methodology (we had him naked at home for the first bit until he started to really catch on, then went to underwear. We also don't use a tangible reward, we do big time praising and clapping and he looooooves that! We never did the books and stuff either but it may be beneficial if your child likes that stuff. Never even occured to me and I found this after we already started.)

A Bushel and a Peck: diary of potty training an 18 month old... This is a blog of a woman starting to potty train her son at 18 months old. I would go back to this blog and read it a lot while I was potty training because I found it incredibly encouraging when I was having bad days. There will be good and bad days... I did find though that after some bad days my son would have a major breakthrough! It's seriously like a two steps forward, one step backward kind of thing sometimes... Don't give up! I especially liked that she was pregnant while training also, and about as far along as I was starting out which made it super relatable.

Just try to stay positive, be consistent and persistent and every time your child makes progress it will be so awesome and you will get so excited and so will they! Good luck!!!
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