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September 18th, 2010, 08:53 PM
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Well I had a ok day today. I got kind of sad and happy i over heard a co worker on the phone telling a friend she took a test and it was positive she has a dr appt next week. My eyes got kind of watery. I just cant w8 til i can say those words. I so badly want to say "its positive" but I want it now even though i have faith it will come by the end of the year I just want it so bad. I dont know if it was an explosion of baby day r what at work. Every where i looked somebody had a new born. So cute I mean every where! Baby cant be no more than 2 weeks. I just wanted to grab them and run. I wouldnt do that but well u know. I so want to be preg. I sit on the couch and look down at my stomach and wish it was out there for me to rub but all is there but a gut. lol.... Even though i remember how sick and uncomfortable i was when i was preg i would do it all again in a heartbeat. wouldnt change it one bit.
Took my 3 clomid pill today. I been feeling kind of crampy. I was like a crampy feelin in my woo haa then it was on my right side then in the middle at my uterus then it was a twingle on my left. So I been crampy all over. I was having major hot flashes too. Ooooh i was burning up!!!! must be the clomid but dont recall feeling that last time i took but that was a year ago so who knows. Me and Dh havent bd in like 2 and half weeks. OH MY!!!! A week of it was cuz my period but before then it was me not wanting too cuz i was so obsessed with am I preg. I hate when i do that. go so long without having sex. All week i been HORNY. I think its the maca root they say it increases libido so must be cuz i been horny and i dont have sex until cd7 of my cycle so Im gone get it 2nite. Oh w8 i remember y i havent givin him none he been gettin on my nerves. lol... He havent been doin any house work lately I been doin everything. If i dont do it i noticed it dont get done so since i gotta do it all im 2 tired to do that too. Came home 2nite and cleaned he lucky im horny cuz he wouldnt get none 2nite either. Well He did wash clothes and put them up so i guess i can give him a lil taste. He lookin mad now cuz i just told him that he burn 2 much gas. I dont understand when i drive the tank dont move but when he drive we only have a quater of tank left. Ugh men they gotta drive fast and then hit dead brakes.

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