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June 27th, 2006, 04:19 PM
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Yes. Basically what the other two women said.

For my first experience - it felt rather euphoric and 'wow, whoa!' like. (don't really know how to explain it) and it felt really quite good - like a great internal massage (sorry if TMI).

For my second experience - the best I can equate it to is the fact that it felt rather orgasmic. This huge build up and release that felt GOOD. Weird eh?

Interestingly, ppl think that it cannot possibly happen because 'the size is so much bigger than a penis'. OTOH, putting a tampon in when a woman is tense can be uncomfortable to downright painful. For a woman who is not in the mood, fearful, tense, or other reasons, intercourse can be uncomfortable to downright painful. The point? Point of view, how you view birth, I believe, can be a HUGE indicator if you are a candidate for experiencing a Birthing O or not. If you are tense, fearful, or cannot equate joy and 'good feelings' with childbirth - then I can near guarantee you won't experience it.

I wonder how many women that, if they were not afraid to talk about it, would actually have experienced it. Right now it is considered an anomoly (sp).. but the more I hear, the less I think that is fact.

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