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September 19th, 2010, 07:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Wifey2Jordan View Post
I didn't really avoid anything with my first son except caffeine. This time, its another story. Reid had a couple really bad days, super cranky and gassy. I've eliminated most dairy, chocolate, and no caffeine. He seems to be doing much better. I also stay away from onions, and spicy stuff. My diet is pretty bland and boring right now. I'm hoping he gets a little better and I can introduce things back in soon....especially before pumpkin spice latte season is over at starbucks! I miss them!!!!
I could've wrote that myself. Alexandra had a rough day a few days ago with gas so I also am eliminating dairy, chocolate and spicy foods and limiting caffeine. It seems to be working. I did the same thing with DS who had acid reflux and I didn't mind... it was a great way to force myself to be good and lose the baby weight.
I had half of a bottle of beer last night though... it is supposed to help with breast milk production... obviously in moderation though.

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