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September 19th, 2010, 09:42 PM
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Heres my story, I'll update it along the way!
I BFed my first too with no issues. No weight problems or anything. My first was slightly jaundiced but I did not give him formula and he did ok. With my second I only made it to 11 months, not the full year because my PPD got really bad and I dried up.
So with DD I thought I would have no issues. At first things seemed great, she latched well right after birth. Nursed like a champ until about 4 weeks. I noticed she wasnt BMing for days! An ultrasound, xray, and GI specialist visit later I was so stressed out and had no answers. I also found she had not gained weight and in fact was starting to lose. She cried all the time. She was on my boob literally all day and night. She cried if I even had to pee. This was hard expecially with 2 other kids to chase and care for. Finally when she was 6 weeks and 2 days and had lost 5 oz in 2 days I gave in and gave her formula. She was happy. It seemed. Over the next 2 weeks I nursed less and less. Enjoying the freedom of not BFing, ignoring let downs, only BFing when *i* felt like it.
Until I stopped making milk. Then it hit me. I love BFing. I want to BF! Shooooot... now what. Should i relactate. I wanted to but I was so worried people would think I was stupid. They would think why doesnt she just give up. The baby was happy with the formula. After a week I decided I had to try. Baylee was then 9 weeks. I knew it would be hard but with the help of all of you mommys I am succeeding.
The first week I was solely pumping. Then i added more milk plus, then blessed thistle, then reglan and fenugreek. I increased my water intake. Took a multivitamin. Pumped every 2 hrs and offer the boob as much as I can. I have gone from drops to mLs in a full day... and now from mLs to oz! Today after 3 weeks and 1 day I can pump 5 oz in 10 pumpings. That may seem like nothing but last week I was getting 10 mLs in that time! I just know things will work.
Im still struggling with let down, I cant relax I guess. I ordered gaots rue and marshmellow root today, I will get them wednesday. I think its going to start moving faster (i pray) I also started power pumping at least one hr a day. That seems to help. Maybe I will have to do that more often!
I'll keep everyone posted on our progress!

UPDATE~ Ok well its now been 5 weeks. Last weeks things suddenly took a turn for the worse and I started only being about to get mLs again. I saw the lactation consultant and they said Reglan was not a good idea for me because of history of depression. Boo but that was an ugly time in my life that I can not risk falling back into. I am discouraged. I dont think its going to work. I don't know what happened. I got a new medela pump, they say its much better and will help increase supply. I dont have much try left in me. I hope this pump yields results.

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