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September 19th, 2010, 10:10 PM
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No I didnt hurt him 2 bad but he hurted me!!!!! Man I need to call the dr cuz i think i have a UTI. Have to remind myself in the morning. Thanx for reading my journal girl Im glad u enjoyed it!

Today was another day I guess u can say. Didnt do anything at work just clowned around. My coworker who is preg followed me around again today. I dont mind she is a sweetie. A lil niave but sweet. She has a dr appt 2moro her first ultrasound and her hubby wont attend. Thats just cold. He hasnt been to any of her appts. Who does that? They had a miscarriage a few months ago. I went to the ER with her cuz he didnt want to leave work. I sometime wonder bout her. I know when i told my hubby i needed to go to the ER he left work and ran to the hospital (well he got a ride). When i went to the dr he was at every appt. I dont understand how he can let her go alone when he knows she is scared that something is wrong. ugh just burns me up! lol so some1 asks her how far along she is she says 3 months. I was like un un u 2. She say kknow i am 9weeks so i am 3months. I just shook my head tried to explain to her but she was adament that she was in her 3rd month so i left it alone. Im happy she made it that far. Im kind of excited to go with her 2moro. I love seein ultrasounds. Didnt have any symptoms besides hot flashes and few cramps down in my woo hoo. i feel kind of bad i didnt do my fertilty diet this cycle. its not my fault. I need new walking shoes the ones i got hurt too bad and the organic food is soooo expensive. Im really gone try next cycle. i been drinkin the water but thats it. i want to cut sweets out and carbonated drinks. Im really gone do it next cycle. really!!!!! Ugh me sleepy goin get in the bed. TTYL

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