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I'm doing ok. Completely healed, well almost.
DH and I got in a motorcycle accident \
We are very lucky that we were wearing helmets, otherwise neither one of us would be here.
The road construction crew left a bunch of gravel and sand on an off ramp, and when we hit it, we went down. I got road rash pretty bad and am missing a chunk out of my big toe. We went back to the scene after we left the hospital and my helmet marked up the pavement pretty bad. And I slid a good 2000 feet.
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Other than that, HJ and I have been sick. She just had a cold and I had some respiratory thing, and it finally seems to be passing. I am still struggling with PPD and it totally sucks. A lot of it has to do with me being cooped up in the house all day I think. I am having issues with unemployment because the hospital I worked at is fighting it tooth and nail, so I am waiting for my court date to get things straightened out.

Harleigh went to the doctor last week and weighed 8 pounds 7 ounces. So she is growing, although slowly.
I'm not sure if its because she has been sick or what, but its become a battle to get her to nurse. She will in the middle of the night but hardly during the day. So not sure what is going on there. I mean I know if I continue to pump and she gets expressed breast milk its fine, but to me its just not the same and it makes me really sad.

I got a new car! I don't remember if I told you all that. DH bought me a Jeep because he wasn't comfortable with me driving my focus in the winter, especially with the baby.

I miss you guys and I am sorry I haven't been around. Life is kind of caotic right now.
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