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September 20th, 2010, 08:00 AM
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Just getting back from my friends ultrasound. Her baby was moving and u can see its lil arm bud and leg and its heartbeat was 164. She is measurin at 9w3d too cute. I was just lookin at the screen and was amazed wondering when will it be my turn. Ugh my MIL is calling prob want me to take her somewhere. I tell u that woman needs to learn how to drive. I am not her personal taxi. Every other day she is asking for one of us to take her some where. i mean its getting exhausting. on my off day i want to just chill and not do anything but whats needed arouind the house but when she is off and know u off she want u to drive all over. UN uN not my thing. My husband might cant say no but i sure as hell can.
So last nite i was takin a bath (my new thing instead of showers) and i was feeling my cerivix and it was really slimey in there. I felt EWCM all over my cervix. WTH y so early. i usually dont get ewcm til cd 15. I know i been feelin cramps but dont know if i should count it as O pains. It might just be the clomid. Today is d last day for clomid and i thought u o 4-9 days after your last pill. IDK i guess time will only tell. Oh i need to call my dr and c if they can do something bout my uti. BRB

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