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September 20th, 2010, 08:21 PM
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the story behind your babies name! Why you chose it, who came up with it, if they are named after someone and any other details you want to included. Even if your baby isn't here yet, I'd still love to hear the story


As for my 4 girls:

Alaina Rhoslyn- It took us almost the whole pregnancy to find the name Alaina. We were pretty set on Delilah for a girl but one day while I was watching TV there was a girl named Lainey and I fell in love with it, so I thought about it for a bit and Phil suggested Alaina nn Lainey. We thought about Delaney for a bit too but I liked the more feminine Alaina so that's what we wound up going with! Rhoslyn is my mil's name, she was fighting breast cancer at the time and she has always been like a second mother to me ever since Phil and I started dating so it was important for me to honor her.

Natalia Lorraine- When I was pregnant with the twins I looked for names that were feminine but had nicknames that I liked. Natalia was a name Phil suggested and it took awhile for it to grow on me but I loved the nn Talia and Tally so it went on the list. When the girls arrived Phil picked one name and I picked the other. We knew the middle names would be after my parents so we used whichever sounded best with the first name, Lorraine is my moms name.

Georgia Carol- Georgia was a late addition to the list. I started to get sick of the names I had and felt like none of them stood out to me so I started to look more. I loved the nns Gigi and Gia but I wanted a long name to fit with Alaina and the rest of the girls names on the list. On another board I post on someone had a little Georgia and I fell in love with it. Carol is in honor of my dad (Carl) and his middle name is George so I thought it was kind of neat that her name was his name feminized and flipped!

Penelope Julia- Again, Penelope was a late addition to the list. I was pretty set on using Susanna(h) nn Susie but it bothered me that a lot of people didn't really like it. I also liked Rosalie but was afraid of the Twilight connection. I've always liked Daphne but DH hates it so I looked for something similar. Penelope popped up one day on Nymbler, I mentioned it to DH and he said it was pretty so I put it at the top of my list. Of course I liked that it had a nn that I liked and I felt it went well with my girls names. After she was born we were still deciding between Susanna and Penelope but everyone at the hospital, even the nurses were commenting on how cute Penny was so we went with it and I am so happy that we did. Julia is in honor of the men in Phil's family (his mn is Julian, his father's name is Julian and his grandfather is Julius)


that wound up being long, yours don't have to be that long... only if you want them to be!
Carly and Phil, proud parents of:
Alaina Rhoslyn {2.15.07}, Natalia Lorraine and Georgia Carol {7.31.08}, Penelope Julia {8.25.10} and
our newest addition Benjamin Philip {8.06.11}

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