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September 21st, 2010, 12:55 AM
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I know toya i said the samething. Who does that? How u miss your first born ultrasound. He even said he wasnt goin to be in the delivery room. SMH.

Well 2day i had some more EWCM I dont know if its cuz of the herbs r clomid but i never have seen it this early in my cycle in a while. I get cramps but I know its not O pains ya know. I dtd with hubby any way just incase. We even used pre seed. OOOH weee... lol.... Had a nice one i can tell uthat. even elevated my hips for 30 mins actually i think i fell asleep. woke up still propped up. aww man i been so constipated. ugh I havent had a decent bowl movement in days. i go but not like i should. I stopped takin my fiber i think i need to start back cuz ugh it hurt. my tummy hurt and my boom boom. I spent the day with my sis it was nice talkin to her. she told me not to get obsessed with tryin to have a baby its gone happen when its suppose. in my head i was hearing "blah blah blah" same ole same ole i tell myself and other has said. She said if i try to loose weight she is sure i would get preg. and i believe her cuz i have gained 50 lbs and when i was "normal" weight i didnt have a prob getting preg. U can just blow on me and i was preg. Oh yea I had another dream bout multiples. Last night i had a dream that i found out i was preg. the dr wanted to do a ultrasound they put the "wand" in me saw 3 babies but only 2 babies had heartbeats. they didnt think i noticed it so they wouldnt tell me but i knew. i dont know y i keep on having dreams bout multiples its scaring me. but i guess they only dreams there is a 4% chance of it so my chances r low. I ran out of dang quai so i have to get more. I couldnt take the correct amount 2day i was suppose to go to the store and get more but didnt feel like goin way out there. I will go 2moro well 2day since its after 12am and get some. I took my last clomid pill 2day. I took it later then i usually do. I usually take it at 8 but i took after 12 so i hope that doesnt do anything but it dont matter wouldnt helped any either prob. hubby is up at almost 2am and making cookies. see this is y i am fat. I tell him he always up cookin late and expect me to eat with him. lol.... Im serious i gained all this weight when i started dating him. He took me out to eat and cooked all the time so its his fault. lol... I think i am bout to get in the bed i am not tired but need to sleep. I can not w8 til i O. I so want to O take my test be in the 2ww and get af then start on that cycle I just feel like the next 2 cycles r it for me. I told my sis that next cycle i was gone try to loose some weight. start back excersing with her. She say she miss me bein the beast that i was in stayin in shape. I miss that girl too. I think its time to make a change. TTYL

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