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September 21st, 2010, 03:22 PM
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Hey Mahogany so glad u made it back.

Well today is just a lounge around day. I didnt do anything just layed in bed. thinking bout goin back cuz me just tired. i need to cook and i took the meat out to unthaw but man i just keep lookin at the pot and walkin off. lol... I woke up a lil sick to my stomach. I didnt even want to take my herbs. I am just takin them and right bout now i should be on my 2nd dose. i need to clean up but just dont feel like it. The kids home so im gone have them help they dont have any chores around the house and that must change. Just typin this i am wishin i was in bed. I had a dip in my temp but I dont know if i should count that as I am o'n 2day. I havent had my major O pain i felt some twinges but nothing like i usually do. Not as much EWCM as yesterday either. Still havent went got my dong quai from the store either. I kept sayin i was goin to go but just couldnt get out of the bed. I only woke up cuz i had to go really bad O yea i need to call and see if they can write me a prescription hold on i keep 4getting. I hope its not too late and they still open. So they telling me i need to make a appt and everytime i make a appt with them its like weeks away. I will just w8 til the 27th. No need to pay twice the co pay. Im not in physical pain all day. Wow there is a explosion of bfp's this month man and I c the new June DDC is up. Yay to the ladies that get to join hope they have a healthy and happy preg.

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