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September 21st, 2010, 04:26 PM
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Oh, Pamela. I'm so sorry, mama. My heart goes out to you and your family. So sorry. (((hugs)))

Our sweet Duncan died in November of '08. He also had Down syndrome. We were not aware of it, though. I knew something was wrong. I had a very gloom and doom feeling throughout my pregnancy. I just had that gut feeling something wasn't right despite the 'good' level II ultrasound I had. I did start to show symptoms around 29 weeks. I developed a significant of polyhydramnios that I just knew wasn't benign. I had a mild form of it with my first so I knew it wasn't normal or within normal range. I knew moderate and severe polyhydramnios are often associated with Down's and Edward's syndrome and his femur measured 12 days behind, which I knew was a soft marker for Ds. It didn't meet the 14 day cut off so it didn't send off any red flags. But I knew it wasn't normal because my girls always measured 7+ days ahead by femur measurement.

He had very serious heart defects. He went into congestive heart failure and passed away at 34 weeks and change. I had him at 35 weeks. He was beautiful. Boy beautiful.
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