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September 21st, 2010, 11:25 PM
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Does the meaning of a name impact your opinion of it?
YES. The meaning of the name is extremely important to me when choosing for my own children.

When naming your child, did you take the meaning into consideration?
Absolutely. Look in the meaning behind the name thread to see the story behind my son's name. When I read through baby name books, I tend to read meanings first, and then glance at the names when I find a meaning that I like.

Do you have a favorite name meaning? A least favorite?
Least favorite: Mary: sea of bitterness I just could not name my child any derivative of this name, even though I like the SOUND of several of the names that come from Mary.

Favorite: I have several
Elisha: God is my salvation
Naomi: beautiful, gentle
David: Beloved
Eliana: God has answered
Mommy to two beautiful boys, watched over by two angels in heaven

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