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September 22nd, 2010, 07:48 AM
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Originally Posted by bre4thewin View Post
Nice to meet you! My husband is Army and we just moved away from San Diego to NOrth Carolina...eww. I miss it a ton! There are so many great resources in SD! Have you been to baby frenzy? Its a wonderful natural parenting store at the Happy Hiney Cloth Diaper factory in El Cajon. Love it. There are also some awesome Babywearing meetings there! I have a couple friends who have birthed at Best Start and loved it!

Tricare Standard is covering 40% of my about you?
Not to thread hijack here, but are you AD Army? If so, you might want to contact Tricare. Even on Standard, they are supposed to cover 100% of Prenatal, birth and PP care. This INCLUDES homebirth, hospital birth, or birthing center. You are supposed to pay the first 15/20% (depending on if you are using standard or extra) at the first appt, then everything is supposed to be covered at 100% as long as the midwife is board certified AND a CN-M. If your midwife meets these requirments your homebirth should be covered at 100%, and if not they should be covering all but 15/20% (again depending on if you are using extra or standard) and even then if you hit the $1000 during your pregnancy everything should be covered 100% after that point.

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