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September 22nd, 2010, 08:53 AM
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Seth James Christopher - We didn't pick his name until I was about 32 weeks. We had a girl name, which was Caitlin Rose. Even though thats my sisters name it was the only name we could really agree on (16 and 17, very argumentative!). We were watching the OC one night and DF was like, what about Seth? I fell in love with it and so we went with that. James is his grandfathers name and Christopher is DF. I'm very glad we didn't use our girl name, it really isn't my style at all!

Caspar William George - I can't even remember finding his name, I think I made a list straight away, and we had Caspar, Felix and Milo on our list. We didn't find out the gender, but I believe we had Anna picked for a girl. Anyway, the more pregnant I got, we decided definitely on Caspar, it was the one we both loved. His middle names are family names on my side, my brother, uncle and cousin all have those middle names.

Iris Winter We had Felix picked for a boy this time, she was a complete surprise so we just went with what we had from last time. Iris was a name I found on a website, and I got Winter from Nicole Richie!! She was going to be Iris Elizabeth Ann, but after she was born so early I decided she deserved a name that was completely her own, incase she did pass, which she did. I'm glad we did that now, because I love her name so much, and it is completely hers

Tobias Arthur Jack For agggges, he was going to be Zane, which I still love, but it just didn't feel like his name. I really like Toby, but wasn't sure whether to go for Tobias or Tobin. We decided on Tobias as I think it fits better with our other childrens names, and he is always Toby anyway. His middle names are after my grandfather and DF's other grandfather. He was going to be Sadie Winter Rose if he'd been a girl

Becca and Chris, proud young parents to
Seth (2005) Caspar (2007) Tobias (2010)

Missing our beautiful angel in heaven *Iris Winter* 17/8/08 - 21/8/08

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